Thursday, 17 April 2014

Time Heals

Time is the best cure for all pain and suffering, u understand the meaning of this saying when  you undergo a traumatic experience  in your life . in the beginning it takes a lot of courage to come to terms, that this thing is really happening to you. we would have read about these things happening to people around us ,but never really think something like this can happen to us, when it really does it takes lot of time to come to terms with the situation, be it a loss of some dear one or a separation, or getting incapacitated I personally think that it takes courage to commit suicide but it takes much more than courage to live this life and face the reality of life and successfully overcome them.we always pray that nothing should happen to our dear ones, that we should not face problems in life, instead I feel we should pray to god or our guru to give us the strength to face these situations and come out a winner,.as time goes by the pain too starts to fade a little at a time and in due course we may even come to terms what fate has meted out to us. As they say time will take care of all pains.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

hello there,26 of June is a special day in my life in that i married and entered holy matrimony on this day
 ha, ha,ha.this will be my 40th anniversary. yet undecided what to do, sometimes i wonder why celebrate it at all. maybe we want to do so because everybody does. looking back i don't see anything exceptional . u look back and wonder whether we could have led a better life taken other decisions and our life would have been different . it could have been better, or worse ,either way.when we decide something we do so after a lot of discussions and debate , in the end after a few yrs i think we always feel we had taken the wrong decision, how good it would be if we can see the future and then decide,wishful thinking i know.looking at tho recent havoc at Uttarakand  these celebrations seem so out of place,a visit to the local temple will be a simple way of celebrating this anniversary.bye.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

My first blogpost

Hello world!
This is my first blog and my first post.

everyone of us have a lot to share with others which may be very useful, to understand and lead a better life. even if my blog helps a few people overcome their difficulties and face life . i think my purpose to blog have achieved its purpose hope u enjoy my musings

Hope to blog for a long time to come :).